As mentioned in the introduction, Pronotif allows its users to share documents to recipients of their choosing, without any membership requirement. This activity is created through the Pronotif Outlook Add-In same as a regular email.

To share documents:

1. Click “Sharing” from the “New With Pronotif” action group (on the Outlook ribbon);

2. Set the Sender Name (optional) if you are sharing a document on behalf of someone else. This will be displayed by the email service of the recipient(s) as the “From” field;


3. Add recipient(s), same as for a regular email. If you already have lists previously saved in your Dashboard, you can recall them by clicking “Load recipients…”;

4. You can select “Secure Transfer”, if you wish to lock the attached file with a secret PIN and toggle “Clear Metadata” to clear or not the metadata related to your attachments (this includes track-changes and comments for MS Office documents);


5. Click on “Edit recipients…” and enter each recipient’s full name if needed;

You can also click “Save List…” to store the list for future use. After that, for all subsequent Shares and Notifications, you will be able to recall it by selecting “Load Recipients”.

If you enabled “Secure Transfer”, you will have to enter the security PIN at that time. This key will be used to block the access to any of the download links leading to your attachments (see Guest and Secure Portals section).

6. Add attachment(s) you wish to share, same as for a regular email;

7. You can enter any message for the recipient(s) in the main body of the Pronotif form (same as for a regular email), as well as change the Subject;

8. Click “Share” or “Send”.

Here’s an example of the email that your recipient(s) would receive: