Here are the steps to follow in order to obtain the proof report related to your electronic services.

1- Through the dashboard, click on Electronic services or consent requests located underneath the Outboxes, depending on what type of report you need.

2- You have now access to all the messages sent using your Pronotif® account. Click on the message you wish to obtain proof on, then click on Proof report on the top-right.

    *If nothing happens, right-click on Proof report and choose Save target as... to manually download the file on your computer.

3- Doing so grants you access to the official Pronotif® report. This document allows you to prove a message has been sent  to you recipients, if email was opened and if the attached file has been downloaded. Here is an example :

You can also download the entire library of proof report within two specific dates.

1- You may do so by going into the sliding menu, at the top-right of the screening, then select Settings

2- Click on Compiled proof reports, then select the first and last date within which you want the compiled reports.  An email containing an updated report will be sent to you shortly afterwards.

3- Confirm the request by clicking on Request.