The Pronotif service allows you to notify the other party of an application filed with the Tribunal administratif du logement. In fact, the Regulation respecting the procedure before the Tribunal allows the applicant (you in this case) to use a “notification” method to bring an application to the attention of the other party.

As this is a new service, not all decision-makers have had the opportunity to deal with cases where an applicant has chosen Pronotif to notify their application. Decision-makers vary in their familiarity with the technology, so some may be more skeptical than others. We would like to remind you that as it stands, the law allows for the use of this method of notification and there is no legal impediment to its use before the Tribunal administratif du logement.

Therefore, we strongly suggest that you use the following method in preparation for a hearing at the Tribunal. You should be aware that the administrator will ask you at the outset to show proof of your notice.

Therefore, you should print and attach:

  1. The tenant’s consent sheet (if handwritten) or, if applicable, the consent report obtained by Pronotif;
  2. The Pronotif evidence report associated with your notification (“Notification”);
  3. The confirmation sheet of the email transmission steps appearing in your Overview tab;
  4. The exhibit, notice, and document(s) attached to the secure email. Please note that this exhibit is named to the evidence report mentioned above.