The tool that allows you to buy leases in both languages. Click here to purchase lease(s).

1- Select the wanted amount, then click Next Step.

2- After having completed the first page, the second page asks you for some contact information such as the billing and shipping addresses.

  • Phone number: The main phone number CORPIQ will use to communicate with you.
  • Mobile phone number: A secondary phone number to communicate with you in case the first one provides no result.
  • Address, City, Postal Code, Province: Your residential information to communicate with you using postal means.

3- The third step, Shipping method, is where you choose how you wish to receive the leases and how much it will cost. Click on Next step when you are done.

4- The final step is the payment. On this page, you will review the total cost of your lease purchase. All you need to do is enter your credit card information at the bottom of the page.


The CORPIQ team