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My account is where you can view and modify all the information related to your membership, like your personal information and such.If you ever wish to change your email address used to comunicate with us, your phone number or even your password for the website, click on Edit, then apply the modification. Once you are finished, click on Save.

Underneath the first section, you will find four tabs containing various personal and professional information you may change at will.

A) My addresses: Your residential information as well as billing address. If you happen to move out and/or wish to change your address, click on Modification Request to write an instruction email to a CORPIQ employee.

B) Properties: The buildings you are landlord or manager of. You may add, delete or modify any information related to them by clicking the Edit button. In the modification menu, click on Add to add a new building in your properties, Save to keep any modification done or Cancel to ignore any changes. If you click on Add, a new line of fields will add itself below each column :

  • Address: The full address of the property. If you are the landlord of a single unit, instead of the whole building, you can only enter the appartment number.
  • City: The city in which the building is located.
  • Province: The province in which the building is located.
  • Postal code: The postal code related to the address of the building.
  • Nb. of units: The number of units you are the landlord of in the specific building.
  • Actions: By clicking the red X, you will delete the whole line next to it, getting rid of the building within your properties.

C) Delegates: A list containing the names and email addresses of all your delegates assisting you with your property management.  If you wish to apply modifications to this list, click on Modification Request to write an instruction email to a CORPIQ employee.

D) Newsletters settings: Manage all types of newletters you want to receive or not. Check the ones you wish and click Update my settings when done.

If you look to the right section of the page, you will be able to see the account's status at well as some other additional information. Those give you information that cannot be changed directly.

#Member: The membership number that you were given. This number is used as a reference when communicating with a CORPIQ employee.

Member since: The date you joined CORPIQ.

Renewal: The date your membership ends.

Bills: All the recent invoices from the official CORPIQ website, such as the renewal or lease purchases.

The Account status tab informs you of your balance, what you have left to pay, as well as your CORPIQ $.

The ProprioEnquête® tab, similarly to the previous one, tells you your currently processing screenings, or ongoing inquiries, as well as your Proprio Points. You can access, or register, to ProprioEnquête® by clicking the Register to ProprioEnquête® button.

The Kangalou® tab informs you off all the main information related to your Kangalou® account, being: 

  • Buildings: The amount of registered building in your Kangalou® account.
  • Units: The amount of registered units in your Kangalou® account.
  • Leases: The amount of registered leases related to your units in your Kangalou® account.
  • Tenants: The amount of registered tenants related to your leases in your Kangalou® account.
  • Listings: How many active listing are currently on your Kangalou® account.

You can access, or register, to Kangalou® by clicking the Register to Kangalou® button.

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