This report is generated instantly by our servers for each recipient and can be found as a link in all emails, as well as on the Dashboard.

The Proof Report is used as proof for each notification and includes information about each transmission, opening, and download of an attachment (name, size, SHA256 integrity). The report also details the sender and recipient information, as well as the response from the email servers (SMTP). The SMTP response is actually the response that the recipient’s email server sends back, with a code that indicates whether the message was delivered, blocked, skipped due to the recipient not existing, etc.

This report, like a fax report, indicates that the email has been transmitted to the recipient’s server. However, it does not say anything about reading the email, just like a fax would print the document without being picked up by anyone. Knowing this, we have added in our services the possibility to validate if the notification has been opened and if the attached files have been downloaded by the recipients.