The Verified Landlord mention will be visible at different places in the consultation and signature process of an electronic lease. Indeed, this is a significant element of reassurance for future tenants.

Since we verify the identity of users through ProprioEnquĂȘte, why not let future tenants benefit from this information when a Landlord/Manager uses ProprioEnquĂȘte and ProprioLocation. 

Below are the places where tenants can see this information: 

1.    If you are a user of our rental application, the prospective tenant will see this information when you ask them to complete the rental application by email: 

2.    Lease Review and Signing Email: 

3.    In Step 1 to sign the lease: 


4.    In the signature report: 


For your information or as a reminder, if you use Kangalou, people will also be able to find the verified label in the contact section of a listing.

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