What are the conditions for success in communicating properly with your tenants?

Modified on Mon, 18 Jul 2022 at 04:04 PM

Communicating properly with your tenants is a story that starts before you sign a lease. 

In fact, to communicate correctly and legally with your tenant by email, you will need to obtain the email in section A of the lease and add the Communications clause in the lease appendix when you create the lease. 

In addition, once the lease is signed, you will then be authorized to communicate with him/her with the email address that he/she will have given you in section A of the lease. 

In our appendix section of the electronic lease, if you choose to use the default appendix with the CORPIQ clauses, you will find the Communications clause with this text: 

"The parties agree to transmit/receive any notice relating to the lease, as well as any proceedings by any method of transmission accepted by law, including electronically to the emails indicated on the lease. It is the responsibility of each party to promptly notify the other party of any change of email address." 

If you decide to upload your own annexes, we recommend adding this text above if you haven't already done so. 

Now that you have obtained permission to communicate with your tenant via email, you may be wondering how to communicate. 

Pronotif was designed for this purpose: to send certified notifications to your tenants and thus allow you to track all the traceability of your notification.

Our Pronotif tool also assists you in obtaining consents. You can send consent requests for free. So, if you did not have the opportunity to add the communication clause when creating the lease, you can use the Pronotif consent request at any time. This is very useful if you wish to communicate with a tenant who is already on a lease or if your tenant wishes to change his or her email address for communication with you.

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