To use ProprioEnquête®, you must first create an account.

1- Reach, click on Login, then Create my access.

2- Fill in the form presented to you with the requested information. Afterwards, click on Next step to sign the protocol.

    *The protocole is a document listing your responsabilities as a ProprioEnquête® user. It is highly recommended to read the whole document throughly to better understand commitments and to prevent unfortunate mistakes.

3- Once the protocol has been acceptedyou must send through email at a copy of a recent invoce containing both your name and address (a Hydro-Québec invoce is recommended) as well of a copy of both sides of your driver's licence. Those documents are required due to the sensibility of content found on ProprioEnquête®.

The submited documents must both have the name and address of the main member. Once the documents have been received, they will be analyzed by a CORPIQ administrator, who will validate your inscription.

    *Will we return to you within 24 buisness hours following the reception of the documents.

Once an access has been granted to you, you will receive an email  containing a link allowing you to chose a password.

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