How to submit a screening request using ProprioEnquête?

Modified on Wed, 21 Sep 2022 at 10:04 AM

To start a screening, you must first log yourself into ProprioEnquête®.

1A- If your rental request have been completed using the online service ProprioLocation, click on My rental applications. All of your applications can be found in this tab.

1B - If you have not used the online rental request service, click on Start a screening.

2- Click on the package you would like to have.

3- Write down the candidate's personnal informations and download the authorization file, being the rental request signed and dated, in the indicated section. Once everything has been filled in, click Next step.

    *The file can be either a PDF or an image file, as long as they are below 4 MB.

4- Write down, at least, the coordonates of the applicant's current address. The more information is available, the easier it is to get details on the applicant.

    *Both addresses help up identify the credit report. Even if you have not requested any references on the previous address, it can still be used to speed up the process.

5- Click on Next step once you are done.

6- Make sure that everything is registered correctly and make sure the price is the right one. Confirm the screening request once you made sure everything was acceptable.  Click on Confirm and submit to do so.

7-  You can now procede to the payment. You can pay using a credit card of Proprio Points.

    *No credit information is kept on PropriEnquête

8- To access the screening report, click on Screening at the bottom-right. You can also download and print the report using the Printable Version.

    *The screenings contain confidencial informations.

9- You can also find you invoices in the Check your invoice section.

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