To customize your ProprioLocation account, you need to, first, log yourself in, then click on My profile located in the sliding menu on the top-right section of the screen.

First Name / Last Name : The name that will appear on the rental applications. It refers the landlord or manager. It can also be changed at all time.

Language : The language used by the system to comunicate with you.

Password / Confirm password : If you need to change passwords, all you need to do is write down the wanted password in the left section and write it down once more on the right section to confirm it. Once done, click Modify my account to save the changes. 

Phone / Ext. / Mobile phone : Your personnal phone number. The left section refers your office number, with its extention in the middle section. If you don't have an office number, write down your main phone number. The right section is for your mobile phone or secondary phone. This number will only be used in case we need to talk to you directly.

Business : Write down the name of your business, if you have one. It will be shown on the rental applications.

Link your Proprio Enquête® account : If you have a ProprioEnquête® account, you can link both account by writing down the code at the back of your CORPIQ membership card. Linking both accounts  will automaticaly transfert all the completed rental request from now on to ProprioEnquête, allowing you to speed up the screening request process.

Defin the default value to use in the form : The information will be available at the end of your rental applications, located with the legal disclaimer. Registering the data in your profile prevents you from having to manually put them in everytime you process a new rental application.