How to add new properties and tenants to the account

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1- To add a new property to your Pronotif account, reach the dashbord, then click on Add properties.

2- You will then see a menu asking you which way you would like to use to add properties.

A- The first method, suggested for smaller landlords, is the form;

B- The second method, suggested for larger landlords, is the import page.

A- The form

1- By choosing the first option, you will need to register the following information regarding the new property :

    Building name; The name will only be visible to you and is used only for management purposes.

    Address; The building's location. (If it happens to be a plex, you may not enter anything in this field, the address will be registered on the next step.)

    City; The city where the building is located.

    Province; The province where the building is located.

    Postal code; The postal address of the building.

2- Once you are done, hit Save.

3- Doing so will bring you to the building's management menu. You may apply modifications in the General information tab and start registering tenants in the Tenants tab.

    (Image from the General information tab)

    (Image from the Tenants tab)

4- The New tenant button allows you to add new tenants to the selected property. Another has to be filled in to add each tenant.

    First name; The tenant's first name.

    Last Name; The tenant's last name.

    Email; The email address that will be used to communicate with the tenant.

    Consent obtained; If the tenant's consent has been obtaned of not.

    Property [New]; Allows you to change the building the tenant currently resides in.

    Unit; The apartment or unit number in which the tenant resides in. If it happens to be a plex or a unit without an apartment number, feel free to either enter the civil address or nothing at all.

    Status; Tenant by default. The Status section allows you to select which kind of resident the tenant is.

    Language; The communication language the tenant uses.

    Organisation Name (Optional); If the tenant happens to be related to a company or is staying for a professional reason, you may enter the name of the organisation they work for.

5- Once you are done, hit Save.

B- The import page

By choosing the second option, you will need to follow the following guide :

1. You must have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.

2. Click here to download an import page template, which can be used as a starting point.

3. Once the file has been opened, you may notice that it is made up of 2 pages : the first one contains the informations related to your properties and the second one has informations related to your tenants.

4. Without changing the column names located on the line number 1, replace the information on the other lines with informations on your properties and tenants.

    Properties : 

    Tenants :

  • property id: The Property's ID in which the tenant lives in. The ID itself must corresponds with the ID located in the Property page.
  • already consented: Specify if the tenant's consent to communicate with them using Pronotif has already been obtained or not. Write down "oui" if the consent has been obtained; leave it blank if not.

5. Once everything has been filled in, you may now save the file.

6. Go back to the import page section, on Pronotif and click on Select file underneath the step 2 then select the file you just saved.

7. Once the file has been selected, click on Import Property underneath the step 3 to import the file's content.

8. You will now be able to see all of the tenants and properties you have registered. You can save the results by clicking on Save list.

    *If nothing appears beneath the three steps area, make sure to properly follow step 3-4-5 from this guide.

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