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Would you like to familiarize yourself with the Pronotif interface and its features? This tutorial (Getting Started guide) has been designed for you. It presents the essential concepts that will help you get the most out of your Pronotif account.

Although the Pronotif service is designed to facilitate the user experience, we strongly advise you to take 5 minutes to read this tutorial.

Creating a New Account

In order to create a Pronotif account, go to the Pronotif registration page and fill in the fields. To get the best experience for your specific needs, please indicate the industry in which you operate. Once your account is created, you will be able to add users within your organization in your settings.

Certified Email (Notification)

Pronotif’s certified email feature (legally called “notification”) is ideal for businesses and professionals who need to notify emails and documents, while obtaining a compliant and valid proof of transmission. In order to implement certified email, click on the “Certified Email” button in your certified email dashboard on the “New Activity” button.

Here Are the 4 Steps to Follow:

  1. Enter the names of your recipients by clicking on the “New Recipient” button, or simply select them from a predetermined list. Previously entered names will appear via autocomplete. When you are done, click on “Next Step”.
  2. Enter the subject of the message and the internal file number for your certified email. Compose your message and add attachments to all or specific recipients. When you are finished, click on “Next Step”.
  3. Select the options you want and, if necessary, add collaborators to your certified email. Collaborators are users within your organization that you want to give access to the certified email that will be forwarded. By adding them, the collaborators will be able to track the certified email and view all interactions associated with it, as if they were the ones who sent it. When you are done, click on “Next Step”.
  4. Review the email and make sure all the information is correct. This is only a preview, so your recipients’ names do not appear yet at this stage. When you are done, click on “Confirm & Send”.

Tracking and Proof

The “Tracking” tab located on the left sidebar of your screen allows you to track all your transmissions in real time.

  1. When you click on a type of activity (certified email, file transfer, document collection, etc.), you get access to the global list of all your outgoing and incoming communications.
  2. If you click on a specific transmission, you get access to its detailed page. The “Overview” tab allows you to see all the recipients contained in the transmission and their delivery status (transmitted, opened, downloaded, or replied to).
  3. If a recipient has replied to you via the “Reply to sender” button in the received email, their message will be accessible under the “Communications” tab (next to “Message”) in a timeline format.
  4. The orange “Proof Report” button allows you to access a dynamic PDF document that contains the proof and transmission details for each recipient.

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