You can watch our video tutorial: Lancer une enquête de crédit ProprioEnquête en utilisant ProprioLocation

You have the signed rental application from your candidate? It is time to use it for your pre-rental screening, whether it’s on ProprioEnquête® or any other service! Go to the home page, where you can have access to all your rental applications.

If you are not a CORPIQ member, nor registered to ProprioEnquête®, click on the eye icon, located in the “Action” column of your rental application. It will allow you to access the document and then print it. You can then use it to conduct a pre-rental screening.

Be sure to obtain the handwritten signature in the case of a printout.

If you are a CORPIQ member and have linked your account with ProprioEnquête®, the transfer of information will take place automatically. Click on the icon representing a magnifying glass, which will redirect you to the page allowing you to start your pre-rental screening.

You can also access your rental application directly from ProprioEnquête®. Simply click on “Consult your rental applications” located on the home page, then click on “Start” next to the concerned form.