How to Create a Work?

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You can view the video procedure or follow the steps below. This video procedure is available with English subtitles. Start the video, click on “⚙️” and on “Subtitles,” and choose “English (Canada).”

Steps to Follow

1. Go to the “Management” tab and the “Works” subtab.

2. Click on “Add” at the top right.

3. Click on “Select an applicant” to select the person that requested the work.

4. Tick the name of the applicant, and click on “OK.”

5. At the top right, select the priority, and enter the work number.

6. Select the type of work in the “Information” section.

7. Describe the work (example: the sink is leaking).

8. Select the entity (company, property, or unit) of the work step (example: the unit of the tenant that asks you to repair their sink).

9. Select the start date (and the end date if you know it) of the work step and its status.

10. To add labour costs, click on “Work Labour” at the bottom right of the work step in question.

11. Select the worker, and enter the number of minutes/hours worked and their hourly rate to know how much you owe them.

12. To add material costs, click on “Work Materials” at the bottom right of the work step in question.

13. Describe the materials, and enter the quantity and the unit price.

14. To add another work step, click on “Add a work step.”

15. Repeat steps 8 to 13 for the other work steps.

16. If you received job submissions for any work step, go to the third page of the dialog box, and click on “Select a file” to upload them.

17. Click on “Finish.”

18. To view the work report, click on “Report” at the top right.

You have now created a work.

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