Now that you have obtained the tenant's permission to communicate via email, you can now send them email notifications. 

For example, you can take advantage of one of our notification templates that will be used for many rental management highlights: 



In summary when you send a notification: 

1.  Select the most appropriate language to communicate with your tenant. You have the option to send a message in English, French or bilingual (French and English);

2. Enter a specific subject for the notification so that it is easily recognizable by your tenant in the mailbox;

3. Add an attachment if you wish;

4. Configure your options as needed, you can for example: 

a. Allow recipients to reply;

b. Add collaborators to allow them to view and track the progress of the activity from their outbox;

c. Enable or disable email notification progress alerts;

d. Schedule the notification to be sent at a future date;

e. Enable reminders to recipients where they will automatically receive an alert if they have not opened or acted upon the notification after a specified time. 


If despite setting up the reminder, the tenant has still not opened the email notification, we recommend resending the email notification as needed.